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Nov 1, 2013 12:30am EDT
or treat! hi, everybody. welcome. welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to "the late late show." i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. thanks, everybody. thank you. thank you very much indeed. thank you, everyone. quietly now. quietly. let your applause and enthusiasm die away just as if it were a genuine emotion you actually had. [laughter] and wasn't in any way forced upon you by a desperate, needy warm-up comedian whose very job depends on you faking, faking your enthusiasm. right, geoff? geoff: come on, guys, give me a -- come on! craig: you're doing this one for america. help me! he actually is very good, isn't he? geoff: yeah, he is very good. craig: happy halloween, everybody. [applause] happy halloween! everybody is going crazy for halloween! today was the halloween episode of "the view. i watched it. i always watch it except when i'm watching that other one that is completely different, "the talk." i was watching "the view." barbara walters dressed as katy perry. do we have a picture? [laughter] boo! instead of whipped cream shooting out of he
Nov 2, 2013 5:00am PDT
? we're live in los angeles with the latest. >>> unsportsmanlike conduct. a miami dolphin leaves the team under mysterious circumstances. allegations of repeated bullying led him to quit. could a lunch room prank have been the final straw? >>> rocky mountain high anxiety. the denver nuggets mascot passes out. during pre game introductions. an update on the mascot "today," saturday, november 2nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. alongside maria schiavocampo who is in for jen a and dylan dreyer. jen a, of course on maternity leave. >> the top story. the deadly shooting of the tsa agent in los angeles airport. the 39-year-old victim the first officer to be killed in the line of duty in the agency's 12-year history. the suspected gunman and several others remain hospitalized this morning and investigators trying to answer the question who set the shooter off as they continue to look for clu
Al Jazeera America
Nov 26, 2013 11:00pm EST
years ago in the "the los angeles times." she joins us from santa barba. how was he a big figure for the hollywood studios and spying for israel? >> well, he does them both very well. he does them with a great deal of charm, a kind of boyish almost gamine-like charm and a great deal of determination. when the charm does not work out he knows how to get his way. arnon milchan began his career in the 1950s. he gravitated to a restaurant in tel aviv where interesting people were, and found his politic political n. >> che. these were all men who would become figures in israel. that became his groove. to this day i would argue that chimon pervez is probably his best friend. he built a solid career. part of that business was about the acquirement of arms. >> was he a major arms dealer or was it something he did out of alooejens or friendship for israel? >> well, one precedes the other. arnon milchan's self distribution is, "i am a patriot, i love israel and anything i can do to support israel i will do." that's his perspective and context. through the '70s, '80s, and "90s, he helped is
Nov 15, 2013 5:30pm PST
" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. two weeks after a gunman opened fire at los angeles international airport questions are being raised this evening about the police response and whether a critically wounded t.s.a. officer might have been saved. the union representing the airport police is suggesting that an l.a.p.d. cop delayed medical aid by erroneously reporting that the officer was already dead. senior correspondent john miller is the former head of counter- terrorism at the l.a.p.d. and he's been looking into this. john, what have you learned? >> reporter: what we learned tonight, scott, is that the l.a.p.d. says it will launch an investigation into the allegations by the airport police union. the union is charging that fire at ®i6hpwm., police say 23- year-old paul ciancia opened fire on t.s.a. officer gerardo hernandez at the bottom of an escalator leading to the t.s.a. checkpoint in terminal three. the shooting ended about five minutes later when airport police shot the gunman four times deep inside the terminal. according to the airport police union in the midst of the chao
Nov 20, 2013 7:00am PST
hall in los angeles. disney ceo robert iger, said that diane holds a special place in the history of the company. and in the hearts of fans everywhere. she will be greatly missed. she is survived by her husband of 49 years, as well as 7 children and 13 grandchildren. >> something that bob iger sent us all an e-mail letting us know about the passing. and what she has meant to this company. will hold a very special place. >> she was the keeper of the flame. >> yes, she was. thanks. >>> now, to a new ruling coming for airline pilots, perhaps. the faa will soon start targeting obese pilots and air traffic controllers and treating them for possible sleep problems tied to their weight. it's all designed to make all of us who fly safer. and abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: obesity. we've called it a national epidemic. occasionally a problem in an aircraft cabin. in the movie "why did i get married?" >> i'm sorry, ma'am, someone your size has to buy two seats. >> reporter: actor/director kevin smith, who calls himself way fat, was asked to get off a plane. this morning, the
Nov 28, 2013 11:00am PST
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Nov 3, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> to the latest on the investigation into a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. all three terminals are now back in full operation this morning after a man opened fire on friday morning killing a tsa agent and wounding three other people. federal prosecutors charged 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia with murder of a federal officer and violence at an international airport. they say he wrote and signed a note stating he had, quote, made the conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> his intent was very, very clear in his note. >> it's believed to be a premeditated act in the first degree. >> the charges could lead to the death penalty or life without parole. as the investigation into ciancia's motive's continue, the grief of the family of the victim is just beginning. gerardo hernandez, who would have turned 40 next week, had worked at l.a.x. since 2010. >> we are all heart broken and will miss him dearly. he was a joyful person, always smiling. he took pride in his duty for the american public and for the tsa mission. >> the next step for police is reviewing vide
FOX News
Nov 26, 2013 2:00am PST
the los angeles police department. >>> a couple in downtown colorado fight back after being robbed at gun point. miles price and his girlfriend were walking home when two men ambushed them from behind. >> one gentlemen had a gun pointed at me the other yes had a gun pointed at my girlfriend. when i turned around and saw that that's when it really made everything hit hard. >> they stole his wallet before taking off. >> a deer burst in through the window while the owner was closing up. it was at the yogurt store in new jersey. you can see the animal sliding all over the floor as it makes its way behind the counter into the dining area knocking over chairs. the employee from a business nearby helped the owner get the deer out. the damage was already done. about $5,000 worth of damage as a matter of fact. the volume turned down on the national an dem at a naval base after neighbors complain. a >> stars and stripes at 8 in the morning. come on. it really wasn't loud. >> the rest of the community raising their voices. he hid to new jersey to find out why. >> looking this good could be as simple
Nov 21, 2013 4:00am PST
in minneapolis, denver, los angeles, salt lake city, kansas city and dallas. >>> faa investigators are getting work this morning looking into the somewhat bizarre reason for an emergency landing. >> a jetblue flight from ft. myers, florida, to boston, had to land after an evacuation slide deployed inside the cabin. one passenger said the slide pinned a flight attendant into a small area at the front of the plane. >> all of a sudden, there was a big noise. and then, it blew up, like, you know? it was the -- scary. a little scary. >> the flight attendant closest to the slide suffered only minor injuries. none of the other 77 people onboard were hurt. another plane was used to complete the passengers' journey. >>> new rules requiring seat belts for all those onboard large buses are being put into place. the government says beginning in november 2016, all big buses must have lap and shoulder belts for each passenger and the driver. that does not include school or transit buses. the new rules come after a number of accidents, some of them fatal, involving intercity buses. the seat belts could reduc
Nov 26, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >>> president obama made a stop at dreamworks studios in los angeles before leaving california today. he met with actor jim parsons from the big bang theory and comedian steve martin. he thanked the entertainment industry for in his worsd shaping a world of culture. >>> a bomb shell tonight from one of hollywood's biggest hit makers. brittany hopper on how a top producer became an israeli intelligence ajent. >> he's one of hollywood's biggest producers, but was he leading a double life? >> he's very mistierous exotic figure in hollywood. >> for 20 years, one of the most powerful movie producers in hollywood, born in israel, says he was also a leading israeli intelligence ajent. in a new interview broadcast in israel, a reporter asks about a 1983 instance where he reportedly used actor richard dreyfus to help shet up a meeting between an american nuclear scientist and israeli officials. he says everybody wants to meet a star, and that's how the meeting happened. a-list actor such as ben afflec and robert deniro heard the rumors but say they didn't care. >> i remember some point i had asked ab
Nov 8, 2013 12:00am PST
. the los angeles angels of anaheim described him as -- the "los angeles times" described him as the prince of perpetual motion. his new book is called "actor anonymous" and here is the trailer for the book. >> i am the actor. >> i am the actor. >> i am the actor. >> i am the actor. >> i'm an actor so i can play anything. everyone is in me and i am in everyone. i'm part of your consciousness. >> you don't think so? you want to deny i've made my way inside? >> look, i'm here to entertain you, but i don't really care about anything, you know what i mean? >> i used to care a lot about acting. but now i see that you're only as good as your material. >> and if your material is good, you're only as good as your director. >> there's so much dependence on others that i can't care about acting anymore. >> i'm jack nicholson and marlon gran bran doe, jimmy stewart, steve mcqueen. >> i'm nicholas cage and robert pattinson, james dean and rock hudson. >> i am norma shearer and lillian gish. >> i'm garbo. >> i'm like a sophisticated prop. i give you all the feeling you want, all the hair styles and ward
Nov 1, 2013 5:00am PDT
... >> el local tiene que ver mucho con el negocio. si no estuviÉramos en los angeles, este tipo de negocio no existirÍa. >> negocio redondo. hollywood aprende ellos y ellos de hollywood. >> me parece una experiencia extraordinaria porque no cualquiera puede trabajar haciendo autopsias, aprendiendo del cuerpo, fascinado por el cuerpo y despuÉs aplicar eso a hollywood. >> si usted estÁ pensando en hacer una pelÍcula de horror, suspenso o crimen, el primer paso es llegar aquÍ, en busca de todo lo que tiene que ver con muertos. >> bueno, en esta morgue no solo se alquilan piezas, sino que tambiÉn se practican mÁs de 700 a 800 autopsias mensualmente. hay [♪ mÚsica ♪] >> bueno, el paso de la tormenta manuel por el estado de guerrero sepultÓ una comunidad y cuasÓ la muerte de mÁs de 70 personas. aÚn no logran rescatar los cadÁveres y sus seres queridos buscan rescactarlos a toda costa. nos muestran el desolador panorama. >> las esperanzas de rescatar los cuerpos estÁn bajo tierras. en menos de un minuto, el paso de la tormenta manuel por guerrero estuvo a punto de borrar del map
Nov 6, 2013 12:35am PST
to be the best i can be. >> reporter: she sound american already. i'm nick watt for "nightline," los angeles. >> i think my man nick has a little bit of a crush. our thanks to him nonetheless. coming up next, the street performer in berlin about to get the surprise of his life. ♪ ♪ monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. [ female announcer ] feed a man a cookie and he eats a cookie. ♪ feed him a fresh baked cookie and he eats a much, much better cookie. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. so here's to the bride and... [ coughs ] [ all gasp ] [ male announcer ] robitussin dm max now comes in a new liquid-filled capsule. nothing provides more powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences. nothavo: thesales event more powerful cough"sis back. drive" which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you
Nov 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
cars in los angeles. it happened wednesday night in northridge. someone breck into a garage and made off with several vehicles, including this 1972 black dodge charger owned by kenny wayne shepard, the garage and shepard really want that one in particular back. >> i don't know what you'd do with that car other than part it out. it's a one-off. there aren't anymore like it. it's really a distinctive car. we really want it back. >> two of the stolen cars, a bmw and a van, have been found, but there's still no sign of the charger. >>> ac transit riders who take the bus between east bay and san francisco will get to do so on new buses. the first of these new 40-foot transbay commuter buses went interest service last week. all of them have high-back seats, wi-fi, overhead luggage racks and reading lights. the buses are made right here in the bay area. in hayward. >> up next at 6:00, how the niners honored vets today at candlestick park. >>> a look at the changes we could see to the weather this week. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> special teams and defense gave the raider
Nov 23, 2013 5:30am PST
>>> good morning. not again! thousands of people evacuated from los angeles international airport. >> everyone on the ground! everybody get down! >> it happened after a report of shots fired. this just weeks after a gunman sprayed bullets inside that same airport, while on the other side of the country, a passenger's terrifying outburst. >> get [ bleep ] off! there is a bomb on the plane! there is a bomb on the plane! >>> a taste of winter. freezing weather and snow and heavy rain making their way across the country. will this system make a mess of your thanksgiving travel? >>> and brotherly bond. a blind puppy who has his own seeing eye dog. his brother! they have got a new home and they will be be live in our studio "today," saturday november 23rd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside dylan dreyer and chrispen welker who made her way up from washington here to new york. >> goo to see you in the studio. >> i'm not all bundled up outside of the
Nov 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
in the mountains near los angeles forcing drivers to chain up or get off the road. snow is also slowing traffic in and around flagstaff, arizona, where up to eight more inches of snow is predicted this weekend. the snow is being blamed for hundreds of accidents across the region as it moves northeast across the country. for a look at where the storms are headed let's go to meteorologist eric fisher at our boston station wbz. err. >> as we move towards the holiday, travelers in what part of the country should be most worried? >> on the short term this weekend, jim, it's across texas, new mexico, winter storm warning not just for snow but freezing rain that will be coming down. pretty hefty accumulations in the mountains, but it's northwest texas that will really have to watch for the ice on top of that. as we head towards next week, exphnd tuesday, it's the gulf coast, locally heavy rain, especially in the i-10 corridor, airports like atlanta, charlotte, jax sonville, new orleans, expecting those to see delays. then wednesday, the big day, and rain is look likely along the east coast. this could
Nov 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
animation in glenndale and a fundraiser at the los angeles home of marta kaufman, creator of the tv series "friends" and there is a stop in san francisco that was not completely friendly. >> what i would like to do -- >> no, no, let me finish. >> how about this. they don't need to go. >> an immigration activist heckled the president, during the speech yesterday. and hugh hong, a recent uc berkeley graduate is an undocumented immigrant from south korea and told kpix why he confronted the president. >> i cannot celebrate thanksgiving week with my family members because of my immigration status. i told him, please, use your executive authority to halt the petition for all undocumented immigrant family members across the country. >> hong said he did not consider it rude to interrupt the president's speech. >>> it is a youtube video that millions have watched in just a week and now the oakland-based startup that created it is dealing with more than all that internet fame. it may be headed to outer co. kpix5 petty -- headed to court. kpix 5 reports it is an issue between the bay area company an
Nov 27, 2013 7:00am PST
and los angeles with america's first true high-speed rail, 520 miles between them. travel time three hours. full service is scheduled for 2029. >> what are we looking at here? >> this is the transbay transit center, where high speed rail will come to the u.s. >> reporter: jeff morales is ceo of the california high speed rail authority. this massive construction site in downtown san francisco will become a railway mega station that includes high-speed trains. how fast will they go? >> around 220 miles per hour. we'll be rivalling the systems in japan, spain, elsewhere in europe. >> reporter: california's system will cost at least $68 billion and is now on hold. on monday, a federal judge put the brakes on the project, denied california rail officials the right to sell $8 billion in bonds that voters approved in 2008. but so many americans are fed up with their daily commute, so why has high-speed rail not become a bigger part of american life? >> there's never really been a champion for it, and all the existing transportation industries have done everything they can to block it. >> reporter
Nov 23, 2013 3:00am PST
an mri on his injured knee today. >>> and los angeles lakers big man pau gasol pledged to give money to the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. 24 points, ten rebounds, obviously, he's going to donate $24,000 towards the relief fund. pau gasol averages 13 points her game. he's a big guy. he almost played the entire game. as the lakers organization, the lakers have gotten out in front of this earlier in the week, they donated $150,000 as a team. a lot of good things coming out of l.a. for the typhoon. >> that definitely gets people behind him. >> yeah s. >> whether you like how he plays or who he place for, got to like that. >> still a lot of work to be done in the philippines. joe carter, thank you. >>> still to come on "new day," court documents reveal chilling new details about a 14-year-old boy charged with killing his teacher. >>> plus, seven years ago, this woman set off a huge controversy, a nationwide conversation about rape and race. this time, she's the one being accused. ready to run your lines? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ un
Nov 17, 2013 5:30pm EST
on him. and then when he came back to los angeles, he started going -- taking courses at the celebrity center, and one day he told his teacher he was trying out for a role in "welcome back cotter. " so the teacher had everybody in the class -- if you can imagine you're the encloses -- orient themselves toward abc studio asks telepath include send the message, john travolta is right for the part. and he got the part. so, after that he always said that scientology put him in the big-time. i have a -- some concerns about travolta brings up a story that i think is also an important one to understand. one of my sources, delightful woman named spanky taylor. she joined the church when she was young teenager, and because of her charm and bubbly nature, she was assigned to help young actors, and one of the young actors was john travolta who was just beginning to have this burst of fame, and it was hard for him to handle, and spanky helped them through that emotional difficult period. and his mother died, and he really leaned on her. now, spanky had a little girl, and she was pregnant, and a fr
FOX News
Nov 4, 2013 10:00am PST
details about the shooting in los angeles on friday. the accused gunman told police he acted alone. he is under armed guard after being shot four times and facing murder charges in the death of a tsa agent shown me geraldo hernandez, father of two, only tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. adam houseley is live in the airport with a follow-up on what we are learning snouchlt>> reporter: good morning, bill. we are learning about geraldo hernandez. if you have been in the los angeles airport, as you enter there is posts out front and part of the artwork and they change colors depending on what happened. they turned blue in honor of the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty who was a father and a husband. there is a memorial with candles and flowers and cans of soda. the scene here on friday morning was chaotic to say the least and happen on the second level of the airport. when i spoke to the police chief, he helped to explain. on the check in level there is a level that you go up to and go through security and there is a preliminary check of seeing if you have a ticket. th
Nov 17, 2013 4:00am PST
's the fun thing about an hour outside of los angeles, thanksgiving is a little bit different. the farm is home to more than 100 rescued animals, goetz, sheep, chicken and pigs. their newest arrival a precious 2-month-old calf, but at thanksgiving time it's all about the turkeys. >> this she's one of our stars today. >> reporter: their annual celebration for the turkeys draws hundreds of families and volunteers, all coming for a very special thanksgiving dinner. >> thanksgiving is a time for people to be grateful. so, we came up with a different way of celebrating with the turkeys as guests of honor. >> reporter: from the founder started the event more than 20 years ago, the turkey sit at a beautiful table with all of their favorite foods. the dining etiquette, pretty much anything goes. they have plenty of adorning fans. >> she loves the turkeys. >> he likes the lettuce. >> the turkeys are very affectionate animals. they love having belly rubs. >> being compassionate and grateful is a huge part. the most important part of thanksgiving. >> reporter: in the eveni ining everyone else gets
Nov 29, 2013 12:00pm EST
school graduate. my name is ben shapiro from los angeles and i would like to interview you. i imagined that for a lot of those folks because they saw a lot of things you ben shapiro is a jewish name from harvard law school, lives in los angeles, has to be liberal. 99% shocked that this person is going to be on the left. so i would do interviews with folks and i would reinforce the impression. i would ask questions from a progressive viewpoint so instead of asking if they were stacking their shows with political propaganda like the right-wing person i would ask if they felt that they were infusing enough social justice perspectives. you pretend to be a friend of the person or at least you act as though you are on their side and this is what is great about being a partisan journalist. i can do all that. and so i went in and did all that. leonard is the other half and he was the one behind charlie's angels and he did a remake of charlie's angels and a real powerhouse in the industry. he and i headed off. he recognized i was pro- israel so he asked me to go ahead and write up a pilot about
Nov 13, 2013 1:40am PST
in miami, 47 d.c. boston 38. dallas 52. denver 67 and beautiful 83 in los angeles. if you had any questions about the power of nature, take a look at these new satellite photos. this is one showing tacloban city in the philippines before the typhoon. green farmland, colorful buildings along the coast. check this out. this is what it looks like today. >> oh, my gosh. >> muddy, lifeless, nearly every one of the buildings gone. even the sea is brown. >> five days after typhoon haiyan struck, the delivery of relief supplies is speeding up. but tacloban city is one of the most desperate places on earth. filtering water through t-shirts. aid ships from the u.s. and elsewhere are on the way, but the need is enormous. more cargo ships are arriving at the airport where thousands are gathering. abc's terry moran was there. >> reporter: this was the waiting area of tacloban's airport. you can see the storm surge tore the place apart. believe it or not, this is one of the only places in the city that is still functioning. this is where people want to get to because this is where you can get out. >> the
Nov 28, 2013 6:00am PST
battle a black eye. in this los angeles walmart two years ago was captured by one customer. >> all the people went in there, started destroying the boks. >> reporter: all this for marked down x-box games. >> people were fighting, trying to get those deals. and one lady with pepper spray just started going at it. >> reporter: was that moment a turning point for walmart? >> certainly. i think we can do a better job at managing crowds and helping customers get in the store, find the item they're looking for and get out. we learned a lot. >> reporter: walmart said this time it's a calmer black friday. orderly lines through the store. shoppers will get wrist bands and rain check tickets to ship item that is will run out. what won't change are the surprise deals through the store. >> 40 seconds and all the people will go crazy. >> reporter: predictably wild that this dad brought his kids to walmart to witness the mayhem firsthan firsthand. >> that's something about black friday, your integrity. >> reporter: these don't care about the mayhem. they thrive on it all year. >> what, eight hou
Nov 26, 2013 7:00am PST
. if you're flying to seattle or los angeles, you could be delayed, too. it is a big problem. u.s. air and delta, offering waivers to passengers, meaning they can rebook their flights. the problem, george, that doesn't mean they get home for thanksgiving. >> so, david, if you're heading to the airport today, what do you do? >> reporter: a couple things. do not check a bag if you want to get on a plane. and a couple of things. go on the website, check the airline. sign up for their apps. and if something goes wrong, tweet. george and robin, i'll tweet you. i'm getting on a plane and i'll let you know how it's going at 0,000 feet. >> okay, david, thanks very much. >>> let's go to josh and the other top stories. >> we're going to begin with new concerns about the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. we learned that a deal that would keep american forces in afghanistan possibly through the year 2024 is now in jeopardy. afghan president hamid karzai is refusing to sign the deal unless the u.s. releases all afghan prisoners currently held at guantanamo bay. >>> and a developing story along
Nov 29, 2013 7:00am PST
. but you're also going to get slightly stormy. yes, i said a little stormy. near los angeles and san diego, some rough surf and rip currents possible. look at the numbers. reno, today, will be drier at 55. palm springs, 62. i'll leave you with a look across the country. your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds. >>> and here a look at live doppler radar. a clear start to our week end. a look towards mount diablo, high clouds and morning haze to get us going. our high for today going to be topping out in the mid to upper 60s for much of the bay area. a look at my accuweather forecast, nice and dry today. come monday, a seg drop in temperatures with a chance of moisture on tuesday into >> more than a foot of lake-effect snow fell in michigan. now, it moves east. parts of new york and pennsylvania, we'll be talking about that in the next half-hour. >> how do you feel about the weather? >> i like snow. >> weather geek. i say that in the most affectionate way. thank you, ginger. >>> and coming up here on "gma," it's a medical mystery. the rare condition that almost cost one dad everythin
FOX News
Nov 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
that effect you? >> at that point in time, i was already stationed in los angeles and that's when all the deployment started would everywhere stationed in wbelot also known as. >> when did you face enemy fire. >> every sing get day he crew chief say we are under attack. that's all we could do was chug our duffle bags immediately we took cover in bunkers. that day, january 16th, when that bomb landed right by me and took me out, hit me on the left side hit me in the face and took out my eyes and my jaws. >> can i see you without the sunglasses? >> yes. >> i have extensive reconstruction con to my face and also my jaw, they did bone graphing. >> did you have a big support system? >> when i came home i had no support system whatsoever. i think that was very hard. from germany they shipped me to walter reid. i never saw -- i never saw anybody to be honest with you. >> that's troubling. >> i was asked one time why wasn't i eating my food in front of me? and i told them what food? >> do you feel you are neglected by the medical professionals at walter reid? >> at that time, yes, absolutely.
Nov 25, 2013 6:00am PST
:30. before leaving for los angeles this afternoon the president will attend a v.i.p. tech roundtable. scott will have the details coming up at 6:15. >> new this morning a disturbance at a denny leaves an officer injured and man under arrest. this happened in san jose around midnight. the tennie's it's about a block from casino matrix. the man arrested at the center, management telling police the man was asleep in that restaurant and would not leave. police say when they arrived the f man resisted arrest. at this hour it's unclear how badly the officer was injured. >> new details about a good samaritan who tried to save the life of a woman who jumped from the third deck of the oakland coliseum after the raiders game. christie smith joins us live from highland hospital. we understand that man is a marine corps veteran is injured. >> reporter: yes. that's right. good morning to you. i just got off the phone with the alameda county sheriff's department spokesperson. even with the injuries that this man suffered in trying to catch a woman falling, when he himself was taken to the hospital with h
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 10:00pm EST
classics host frank mankiewicz joins us from los angeles, and is the host of "what the flick." good to have you back. bill, some of the biggest movies come at the end of the year. we are seeing a smash hit with "hunger game - catching fire", that'll be a hit. what other blockbusters? >> the sequel to the hob it "the deslation of fog", it ended with a dragon in the their. lee comes out of highing. on the other hand the hob it didn't do as well as i think. i think at the end of the year you see "the hunger games" and "the hob it" after "ironman 3." >> holidays are a big time for families to go to the movies. what are the best choices. i'm not sure that anyone remembers what happened at the end of the hob it. maybe i'm wrong. i works no, you tell me. frozen is a wonderful film. i have the standard for a kids movie, as to whether the adults can tolerate it. not only can they tolerate it, they can enjoy it. it could be a date night movie. it's an animated musical. 3d is terrific. it's a sweet story about sisters. >> that's cute. what about "walking with dino saurs 3d" that looks like what i'd go
FOX Business
Nov 27, 2013 12:00am EST
gateway cities, new york, miami are leading the charge, los angeles als strong, and san francisco has been strong for a while, washington d.c. is strong as well. all those have high populated areas, and significant barriers to entry in terms of availability of land, and highly regulated environments,nly thing to materia is multifamily, and that i inventory that got sold quickist, during the recession, post recession, were unsoil condos -- unsold condos that is not surprising. melissa: does that meaean if you are an investor you want to get into renting and apartment, the single family is not where it is at? >> there a still opportunities, you don't see as much momentum right now. in -- will where you wanto go, is one in tse gateway markets there will be subub side -- upside, none have come back to prerecession prices, rel estate over 10 years will out for form inflation on an annualized basis, we have still, all appreciation that get to to us a recoveryack to where we were in 2007, about 6 years of appreciation since then. there is a lot of room to grow in all sectors of the market,
Nov 9, 2013 12:35am PST
's daughter. >> reporter: cecelia vega, los angeles. >> for those of us of a certain age, 90210 will always be part of our youth. were you a 90210 lover or hater? tweet us@"nightline." >> we all get lucky when the russian police take on daft punk. ♪ i'm up all night to get lucky ♪ get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today not financially. so we switched to the bargain detergent but i found myself using three times more than they say to and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. that's my tide. what's yours? they're cuter in clean clothes. i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doc
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of miles from los angeles, but not far enough. deformities are showing up in japanese butterflies. one striving fishing industry near the plant is shutdown. species labeled too radio active to eat. and there is the human toll, 160,000 families were forced from their radio active homes. many paying their mortgages even though they will likely never live there again. few could you shy -- few you could you she ma is an enormous problem. >> there is hundreds of gallons of radio active water every day. >> he is the president for the institute of environmental research who confirmed that the ocean currents are carrying the radio active water to the west coast. according to a study published in the journal "deep sea research 1" it will start arriving this coming march. but don't panic. it will be diluted and the levels on the west coast will be very low and not considered dangerous, so far. but the question is will we really know? >> i think we should do a better monitor pg of food. i don't think the fda and epa are doing a good enough job. >> it is not what has happened, but what could still
Nov 15, 2013 4:00am PST
" set in los angeles. he's stan verrett. i'm neil everett. we're doing this without shock sheets. full of video. you go. >> colts and titans on thursday night football. coming off the loss to the rams at home. in the second half, just put this one away. they were trailing 14-0, in the first half. luck, keeping it himself, running in for the touchdown. and then, donald brown with the first two-touchdown game of his nfl career. colts beat all three vision opponents on the road. up by three games, they take it 30-27. 14 oh, man. what a game. up in oakland. the thunder have yet to beat a team that made the playoffs last season. golden state got way behind. russell westbrook says let's bring this back. takes the lead with 2.3 seconds left. that's how we do it. andre iguodala says this is how you do it. a little defensive miscue by the thunder. and it's oklahoma city, struck down. getting iguodala with it. warriors, undefeated at home. what an exciting one-point win. >> western conference pretty exciting. >> yeah. >> on a nightly basis in the nba. >> i'm wearing sweat pants. >
Nov 4, 2013 4:00am PST
. 2010 we were at 90, now were at 140 employees. reporting in los angeles for first business news, i'm ky sisson. ky tells us the cost to make vinyl records has remained about the same for the past 20 years. coming up.... bill moller explores why its becoming tougher for baby boomer parents to stop supporting their grown up children.... thats next. and later in chart talk.... a trader clues us in on a unique trade... in the ten year treasury.. hi, i'm ben affleck, and many actors have played the part of a u.s. serviceman in the movies, but for veterans like james crosby and so many other brave men and women, his service and his sacrifice for our country are real. outside baghdad, a rocket attack blew up my humvee, killing one of my marines and leaving me paralyzed. [ben affleck] when james returned home, he, like many others, was in no condition to cope and advocate for the services he needed. fortunately, paralyzed veterans of america's trained experts were there to help him so he could concentrate on getting well. for over sixty years, paralyzed veterans of america has worked to ensur
Nov 27, 2013 5:30pm PST
you're not headed to los angeles. more traffic than usual in l.a. it's a double mess tonight. from the roads to the sky, so far, roads have been pain free, thanksgiving commute here in the bay area, at least when it comes to travel. >> yeah. and everyone has been pleased when it gets to sfo. very few flight delays all day long. still at this hour, the biggest hurdle is going to be if you're planning on parking at the airport, long-term parking is full. much of the short-term parking is almost full. it's likely to stay that way for several days. keep that in mind as you drive to the airport. look over here at security. this is the pretty unbelievable thing, you can base cli walk up, hand them your boarding pass and get right on a plane. the two best words at sfo today could be found all over "on time." >> i actually expected worse.
Nov 27, 2013 4:30am PST
out of sriracha hot sauce. a los angeles judge ordered the company that makes the popular condiment to shut down part of its factory. people in the city of irwindale complained the spicy smells were overwhelming the neighborhood. the judge says changes need to be made to the factory to lessen the odor. a tiny book went for a big price at auction on tuesday. the bay psalms book sold for $14.2 million a record for a book. dating back to 1640, it's believed to be the first book printed in the u.s. buyer david rubenstein plans to lend it to libraries around the country. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with in new york, i'm marlie hall. >>> you're cooking a turkey, right? >> my mom is in town, so she will be doing that. >> correction, your mom isk cooling the turkey. apparently a lot of us have been preparing our thanksgiving day turkeys all wrong. wait until you see what happens when julie watts turns off the lights. >>> reporter: we have covered this in glow germ to illuminate the bacteria you're trying to wash away. look at my hands. you might expect it ther
Nov 26, 2013 8:00pm PST
on here," kudrna wrote in an email to the los angeles times. >> reporter:kudrna and a fellow researcher analyzed answers from the 2010 american time use survey, a nationally representative survey sponsored by the bureau of labor statistics that included nearly 13,000 u.s. residents. earlier rounds of americans spent their time, but the 2010 survey was the first to ask how people felt during different activities. number of children and how how much of the day was report feeling less tired the study, recently journals of gerontology, series b: psychological research to understand the >> reporter:new at 8 >> reporter:scandal is rocking the new ps4 video game system after a man uses it to broadcast naked images of his wife online. u-verse was made for me. yeah, it's perfect for us tv fans. they made this for me. oh, and you've worked out a theory. this is exciting. what's the evidence? alright, evidence... u-verse has over 185 hd channels. i love hd. everybody loves hd. [ male announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. and you
Nov 11, 2013 10:00pm EST
. >> and this is the 21st birthday in los angeles. happy bihday, tray. >> julia still has got it. misroberts covering marie claire and uncoughing her legs in just a men's shirt. revealing that she cooks three meals a day for her family and never googles herself. >>> so when it comes to stars who completely transform themselves for a role, tom hangs is definitely at the top of that list. >> tom is at it again in his new moe playing walt disney. and i tkedo him all about it. >> an icon playing an icon. >> he loved what hedid. shari all he lrned about the legendaaltdiey. >> andive me a tourn the proces >> this where you guys sho the movie. my office used to b rht in there. this is exactly th wayt looked. i don't thk there's a new ildi in site here. >> wtit'st likeakin on the role of wal disney? >> ll, i grew up watching him so much andwas this benevolent presence if our lives. there was a small amount of i want to get it right. there's a b o a burden that goes along with it. >> he handled it with exactly the skill u uld expect. >> you can't igine how excited im toinally mt you. >> saving mr. banks, the
Nov 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
of the shootings at los angeles international. the nfl asks whether locker room harassment is out of control. mark strassmann on the lineman who called it quit. do testosterone supplements lead to heart attacks? dr. jon lapook with the results of a new study. and his honor the mayor confesses to less of this han-honorable conduct. he just says this about crack cocaine? >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. has it come to this-- has gunfire in public places become so ordinary? twice in a week, young
Nov 1, 2013 7:00am PDT
killed 22. on board that day, this family from los angeles had taken 70 different cruises, but no more. >> we will never go on a cruise again, okay, until there is major changes in the cruise line and their safety program. they are not putting passengers' safety first. >> the latest generation of mega cruise ships are just too big, and they've got too many people on board them. >> reporter: bill dougherty is a former safety manager for norwegian cruise line. his fear, it would be nearly impossible to evacuate and then save so many people. >> what do you do with 9,000, 10,000 people in the water in life-saving craft in the middle of the ocean? >> reporter: cruising has never been more popular. 21 million people this year alone. but in the first nine months of 2013, the cruise industry has had three ships run aground, five ship fires, five collisions, 28 mechanical problems and 16 ships that failed health inspections. >> certainly, the kinds of things that are going on on cruise ships are raising concerns among passengers and are eroding confidence in the industry. >> reporter: largely t
FOX News
Nov 17, 2013 3:00am PST
five people hurt at the los angeles memorial coliseum when fans rushed the field after the usc football team win over stanford. one person suffering a possible broken leg. another fell. all ten why taken to the hospital to get checked out. >>> all right. are you ready for some sports, guys? this one, the talk of college football world this morning. what can be one of the most incredible hail mary touchdown's. it was caught on camera. look at this. >> lets it go. oh, my god! >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, no! >> can you believe that? auburn down 38-37 with just seconds left on the clock. qb nick marshall threw up a desperation heave on 4th and 18. somehow ricardo lewis pulled it in off that tip. auburn wins 43-38. that's why you throw them up there. right? sometimes it happens. >> one in 500 times. >> one in 500 times, rick. you never know when it's going to happen. >> unbelievable. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. there's a loot happening weather wise. >> there is? >> yes, there is. today will be a big day. take a look at this video that we'll start with out of washington and oregon.
Nov 21, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> to be continued. cee lo's next hearing is set for january 16th. >>> coming up here, "hunger games" star, jennifer lawrence, is here with us live. and you never know what she'll say. she's the best. you don't want to miss that. >>> and pitbull, taking us backstage at the amas. mr. worldwide. >>> you remember jean-claude van damme's epic split between these two trucks. with enya rolling. it may have been topped. >> whoa. >> oh. >> oh, josh. >> oh. at uwe know you can't afford wrong turns on the road to your future. that's why we build tools like our career guidance system. it's kind of like gps, you know, for your career. it walks you through different degree possibilities and even lets you explore local job market conditions, helping you map a clear course from the job you want, back to you. go to and get started today. [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our exper
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